Monday, 1 March 2010

Revision Week

I've got my editorial revisions for Betrayed, so the next two weeks it's head down. First I have to figure out the technicalities of using word tracker, which might just gobble up most of those two weeks.

And, ooh, my editor has suggested I create a map of the Galloway and Dumfries area where Betrayed is set. Well, I could spend a fun two weeks just doing that. When I started writing Betrayed, I spent an awful lot of time browsing through medieval maps of Scotland and it was absolutely amazing to see how maps were defined in those times. Some are quite detailed, while others merely have a few squibbles and lines. I guess my map will be closer to the latter, but will hopefully give a good idea of where my characters have been.


  1. Well, just cant wait to get hold of the book!!!

  2. LOL! So now we get to see whether you're as good an artist as you are an author! What a naughty editor you have!

  3. Claire, love the new banner on your blog! and your revisions sound very exciting. It'll be so interesting drawing up the map of the area. Have fun!

  4. Hello Debb's from far and close !
    I like very much what I have read in the revisions....I am looking forward to see how your 1st novel unfolds....& what your readers think !!