Tuesday, 9 March 2010

So... You think you can draw a map

No problem, I thought.
Having finished my edits on Betrayed, I rushed home from work Friday night, eager to get started on the map.
"Just give me an hour quiet time," I told my boys, "mommy just needs to draw a quick map."
Well, five hours later, and I'm still googling the National Scotland Archives, going through ancient maps to try and get my spatial dimensions more or less right.
A hundred pieces of scrap paper later on Saturday morning, I have some squiggles resembling the general area.
Great! Time to back a cake - Victoria Sponge cake - oh, oh, I used a flop-proof recipe and ended up with rock pancake. No time to worry about that, something's wrong with my scanner.
A couple of hours playing around with the settings later, I've got something scanned in. Something blurry and squiggly - I have no idea what it is, it certainly didn't look like that on my scrap of paper. Back to the drawing board, but first another attempt at that flop-proof cake.
Note to self: no matter how you present it, rock pancake is rock pancake and 10 year old boys are not that easily fooled.
But, viola, it's Sunday and I eventually have a scanned in map. I try to ignore comments from kids (what do they know about what medieval Scotland looked like? Maybe the river did just disappear halfway and miraculously reappear 2 centimetres later?) okay, one last attempt at refining the map, scanning it in,emailing it off with a totally genuine "I won't be offended if you can't use this" note to editor.
And rush off to Tesco to buy box cake mix - I have a cake, the kids love it, I'm super mom!

Despite the madness, I had fun. It wasn't easy, I'm not so sure it will ever see publishing daylight. But I now truly appreciate every map I see on the inside of a book cover


  1. Ha ha. A super Mom indeed. And it does sound as if you had tremendous fun, despite your too-clever 10 year old twins. Well done on finishing the edits.

  2. And that was the end of the weekend ... hmmm this is sounding all too familiar! Super mom, wife, author, employee, friend and general earthling! LOL! It's amazing how we can fit it all in!

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