Monday, 29 March 2010

Spring in the air

It's officially spring here in the UK, the clock's gone back, the days seem longer, the birds are singing, the sun is shining... or maybe not, it's actually still freezing and has been raining the entire day, but that doesn't mean I can't do the annual spring clean of cobwebs from my head.

My goals this summer:
Start exerising again. I kind of gave this up when my boys were born, and I'm ashamed to say they're now 10 years old. Bad me. But I'm going to start a slow come back on the wii, thinking yoga will be perfect to tone and get my fitness levels up a bit before I start the serious stuff.
Put fingers to keyboard. I haven't done much serious writing this winter. I've played around with starting the odd story here and there, but it's time to get on the wagon again. So I've pulled out the 3 chapters of a historical romance I started a while back. The characters are still fresh in my head, the story line fully plotted, just loads of research still to do, although I tend to do the research while I write rather than upfront. I've also got a contemporary paranormal that's 1/3 done, so the ultimate would be to finish that story as well before the next snow falls.

In other news, there's a lot of buzz about the ipad coming next week and Apple's iStore. You can catch a preview of the iStore here.

Is iPad going to be the turning point for digital books? I'm not so sure. I think the turning point is going to be financial... when you can get an affordable e-reader and are paying reasonable prices for ebooks. The traditional publishers hanging onto the hard cover prices for new releases are really putting a spoke in the wheels. I understand why they're doing this. It's business and profit. They've been slow on the uptake and now need time to play catchup.

My biggest gripe as a reader is regional release dates. We're living in a global world! Please stop making me wait because new ebook releases are still being tied in to the logistical restrictions of printed books.


  1. And very noble goals they are too! Let me know how you go with the exercises! I bought the Wii Fit for exactly that reason - the kids love it! My profile ... sleeping quite nicely! LOL!

  2. Your spring goals sound like my winter goals! Good luck with them.

    And I agree with your take on having to wait for the e-books release to be tied into print release.

  3. We've had the wii for a year now - I went as far as creating a mii for myself and weighing in. But, a new summer a new motivation!
    Judy, excerice used to be my winter goal, with the thinking that I had a whole season to get into shape until I had to start showing the flab again - but it's so difficult to diet and excercise in Winter, so this is something new I'm trying

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