Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

I don't really intend to do book reviews on this blog, but couldn't help myself with this one ~ and I guess this isn't going to be your normal kind of review

Ethan Wate is a somewhat wierd teen in a small southern town, he lives for the day he'll get out of Gatlin. And he's having this dream lately, about a girl...
Lena Duchannes is the niece of the town shut-in, she's the first new girl in town for just about ever, and she's the girl in his dream... and the girl of his dreams.

I passed this book on the shelves many times over. I don't know, the cover was interesting, but the title didn't grab me. Eventually I picked it up, half heartedly, and scanned the first few pages. You know how they always tell us writers about that all important first page? Well, I skimmed the first page, turned it over, and WOW.

This jumped out at me...
There was a curse.
There was a girl.
And in the end, there was a grave.
I never even saw it coming.

I was hooked. I didn't even care what the story was about. I had to read it. And, because the writer inside me is never silent, I thought, "So, this is how it's done."

I think what impressed me most is that I usually stay clear of this kind of setting. I don't mind small town, but deep south? Vodoo? It's just never been my thing. My heart dropped a nano second when I realised where this book was going, but before I knew it none of that mattered.

This is a love story. There is major plot, but it happens very slowly and at times the intrigue can be quite irritating (just talk to each other!) but what I loved was the intense, dreamy love story between two teens, where nothing else matters much, not even common sense, LOL. This is paranormal, there are witches, and other outworldly creatures, although it's the humans who are referred to as Beautiful Creatures (and, I think, in a slight sardonic way)

This book isn't perfect. Ethan has a tendancy to notice detail that I'm not sure many guys his age (or any age) would. And then he doesn't blink an eye when witchy magicky things turn his world around ~ there is some attempt to explain this away with being brought up by his voodo-type housekeeper, but still! Lena is a bit whiny on occasion, but I guess her world might well end on her 16th birthday, so who am I talk?

But these are little things which in no way took away from my pleasure in reading this YA paranormal and I can't wait for the next book in the series


  1. Great review and that quote had me salivating. A good example of how to hook a reader! Shows that as writers we can always learn by reading. Haven't heard of the book though but, as I love paranormal, I may well buy it if I ever spot it on our shelves.

  2. LOL, Judy, that's why I had to post this review, even though I intend to stay away from reviews because my snarky writer's mouth could get me in trouble. To be honest, when I bought the book, my attitude was I didn't care how bad it might be, I felt this author deserved a buy based just on that hook