Thursday, 20 May 2010

Betrayed has a cover!

I'm so excited to share this beautiful cover for Betrayed  ~ coming 5 July 2010 from Carina Press.

Isn't it pretty? The artist is John Kicksee from KixbyDesign.

Two Feuding Families
Amber Jardin has no taste for the bitter feud started before her father’s banishment. But now that he’s passed, she’s had to return to Scotland and his barbaric people. After her bloodthirsty uncle kidnaps one of the family’s rivals, Amber is in turn captured by Krayne Johnstone, the enemy laird. Despite their enmity, their attraction is immediate—and unfortunate, as Amber has sworn to escape.

One Lusty Temptation
Krayne is amazed at the wildcat’s repeated attempts to flee. He should steel himself against her beguiling ways—yet with time, he is driven more witless with lust. When the ransom exchange fails and Krayne is left with Amber, he finds he cannot tolerate the thought of her with another man—and she cannot tolerate the thought of returning to her uncle’s home.

Will passion and love win out over mistrust and betrayal in time to prevent an all-out war?

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Around the Blog in 7 days

I thought I'd try to discipline myself into blogging more regularly by scheduling a Wednesday "Around the Blog in 7 days" post where I share some interesting bits I've picked up on during my excessive and endless hours of blog cruising during the preceding week.

If there's a romance reader inside you, you'll love this: Smart Bitches found a wierd romance novel cover and invited their commentators to describe the scene. Read the comments, I laughed so hard, I actually started crying.

And then the Minxes of Romance have got a brand new blog that promises to be a regular stop over for me.

Carina Press is gearing up to launch 7th June and have been spotlighting their launch authors this month. Pop over to the Carina Press blog to check out the last 20 days of posting, and there's more to come right up until launch day.

As a writer, I love to scour articles about successful writer's previous rejections. There's something strangely validating in realising how many authors were not an instant success from the first moment they decided to submit.


Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Cyprus, The home of Aphrodite

Well, if I were a Goddess, I'd also choose Cyprus for my own :)

We had a lovely (sunny!) time in Cyprus. Reading, swimming, reading, sun-bathing, reading, relaxing...

Two guesses where I am... Parasailing or sprawled on a lounger with my nose tucked in a book? But, wow, see how far people can walk out into the sea? The sea is so calm, I put to the test floating on my back without any effort. It works!

Went to see The Bath of Aphrodite. A small shaded pool within a cave...

Adonis's bath, on the other hand, is a large waterfall. Typical male! We tried to go there... navigated the death defying two mile gravel road wrapped around a cliff with the kids screaming at every corner, "We're going to die!" Couldn't turn around on the narrow road, otherwise we really would have died, and got to the bottom only to find them closing up for the day. Kids threatened legal action if we risked their lives again the next day, so never got to see Adonis's bath :)

Spent some more time on the beach. And yes, I'm wearing my bikini under the shorts and T-Shirt. Promise :)

And then we thought we'd better take in some culture, so visited the Tombs of the Kings

And then we found out we'd be spending an extra 9 days in Cyprus thanks to volanic ash shutting down European airspace.
Marooned on a mediterranean island!
What's a girl to do?

Go back to the beach of course!

The locals are so friendly. Once it became known we'd been stranded in Cyprus, they started bearing gifts. A bunch of vine leaves one day ~ I was too chicken to try and cook any traditional Cyprus dishes with the vine leaves, but the thought behind the deed was beautiful. Another day we found a huge bunch of bananas on our porch. Seriously, about 30 bananas on one bunch. Another day there were loquats (I think that's what the small yellow fruit is called)

Cats, Cats, Cats everywhere! Maybe it's something to do with the fact that Cyprus is an island, surrounded by a sea, filled with fish.

And then, unfortunately, it was time to go home. But not before another last trip to the beach