Sunday, 6 June 2010

It's June, It's June, that lusty month of June

Tonorrow morning I get to buy some of the Carina Press books I've been goggling for a while now! The launch is nearly, nearly here.
Is it too early to feel nostalgic?
Probably, but I do anyway.

I feel as if I've been on a rolleroaster ride since Carina Press offered me a contract for my medieval Scottsh romance, Betrayed, riding the build-up to release as they shared details of all the wonderful books coming out, as they kept us fully informed of every little detail as and when it happened.

As a writer, the process of editing and learning what really goes into getting a book ready for publication has been an invigorating experience. As a reader, the range of titles they're going to be putting out, everything from erotica to thrillers to speculative fiction, has been incredibly exciting.

There are a couple of excellent e-pubs around producing quality books, but I think what excites me about Carina Press is that they're not restricting their books to romance. This is a huge leap in the sphere of e-pubbing, and I believe the timing is spot on,.We're entering a digital decade and I wouldn't be surprised if a few other of the traditional publishing giants don't follow in Harlequin's footsteps and create e-publishing divisions. 

Throughout this month, I'll be spotlighting a few of the Carina Press launch authors with their new releases, starting tomorrow with Carrie Lofty and her Song of Seduction. I hope you enjoy discovering what went on behind the scenes of these wonderful books as much as I have.

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