Thursday, 24 June 2010

A quick Update

Sneaking in between all my wonderful author spotlights to give you a quick update on Betrayed.

It's almost time, Betrayed is up at NetGalley for reviewers and also on some e-shop sites for pre-order! I can't wait for 5 July when Betrayed goes live.

I'll be doing a series of author interviews and spotlights in the upcoming weeks. I've added a "Betrayed Goes on Tour" section to my side bar so you can keep up with where I am, if you wish to stop on by


  1. Good idea to list your tour dates. I'll be sure to drop by and say 'hi' along the way. (I wonder, does that make me a groupie?)

  2. Thanks Romy, and ooh, my first groupie??? LOL

    congrats on your imminent release of Let's Misbehave as well, I'm keeping a beagle eye on its release date

  3. Wow. You're going to be busy, Clare. It's a world tour.

  4. Good to have a list of your blog tour dates Claire. I'll join Romy on the groupie tour! :)