Monday, 12 July 2010

Coming up for air...

Feels as if the last couple of weeks sucked me down a black hole, but I'm finally seeing the sunlight.

And I've finally got an e-reader. After more than a year of reading ebooks on my netbook, I made a decision. Well, I was actually rooting for a nook, but Barnes & Noble customer service informed me they don't ship internationally, baaah! So I got a Kindle and I'm loving it! I was mostly relieved to find that I could still buy my drm-free books at other sites and upload them to Kindle effortlessly - this was a big fear for me. I've even gone and bought some drm books from Amazon. Mostly I only read a book once and then it goes to book-charity-heaven. If I want a book from one of my auto-keeper authors, then I'll buy elsewhere.

So, yes, Amazom might be the big bad wolf, but in some cases it's just so convenient and tempting and I'm glad I succumbed!


  1. I succumb to Amazon's temptation a lot!! At the moment I'm reading on Kindle-for-PC and, despite my moans at the pricing of e-books (exacerbated by the additional "whispernet" charge) the convenience of e-books just keeps me buying. The thought of not having to get rid of any books because of storage space problems is just so exciting!

  2. How is it that I am NOT following your blog?? :-) Do you have a follow button, Claire?