Sunday, 22 August 2010


Just back from two blissful weeks in France. I slipped off quietly as we'd specifically hired a villa with wifi (or as the French say, wee-fee) access, so I was expecting to be on-line. The sleepy seaside village in France (Guidel) didn't seem to understand my concerns when we arrived to *broken* line. The first two days were panic and chaos, you should have seen our house. We had blackberries, laptops and Wii and no connection to the outside world. In our search, we arrived at a McDonalds about 20 miles away, and their wee-fee was down. At that point, I was wondering if some global catastrophe had struck, some evil internet chewer had taken over the world, lol.

By the third day, a strange calm settled on the house. We were no longer checking access on the hour, every hour, just in case. We started talking to each other, you know, small things like 'Good morning, sleep well?' The dark circles beneath our eyes faded slightly...

okay, okay, it's not normally so bad, but I did discover that there are many, many more hours in a day when one is not connected. We played cards, we swam, we strolled along the beach, we lazed in the sun for the few hours it appeared (my next French visit will be a lot further south, say Nice?) and by the second last day of the holiday when our wee-fee magically re-appeared, we barely noticed.

I'll be back later to post some pictures


  1. Claire, it sounds like a magical two weeks.

    I can't live without my internet either, but I do recognise that it plays havoc with my social life (21st century version of "I can't come out tonight, I must wash my hair" is "I can't come out tonight, I have to blog"!)

    Can't wait to see the photos!

  2. I'm so glad you got some real down time and disconnected for a while. I just hope the feeling lasts a while after you get back!