Friday, 24 September 2010

When assumptions go awry

I usually keep a keen eye on books coming up that I want to read, and I used to pre-order the print books and stack them on my teetering TBR pile so they were there and ready for when the mood grabbed. Since my Kindle, however, I've gotten lazy... actually, one of the great joys of my kindle is that I don't have to buy in advance, a touch of the button gives me what I want, when I want, when the mood strike.

This week, all that went wrong. I've been eagerly awaiting the release of Mockingjay but didn't see the need to order a copy asap to wait for when I was ready. Last night at about 11pm, I had finished my commitments for the week and it was time to read. Joy oh Joy, at last I was about to find out what happens in the final Hunger Games book!
Mockingjay, for some wierd and not wonderful reason, is not available to Kindle UK readers. Why not? Why, oh why not? I'm prepared to pay hardcover prices, but I was not prepared to have to order print copy and wait 3 days for delivery!
I understand publishers having reservations about ebooks, but if a book is globally available in print, why is it only available in certain countries as an ebook?

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Lazerquest, traffic and other things that go bump in my head

So, today was a typical Saturday, kids off to a Lazerquest party, me rushing them into the car and them groaning, "Aw, mum, we've still got a whole hour, we're gonna be way early again."

And we were.

But time and travel make my head go bump. How on earth does anyone ever co-ordinate travel to arrive at a place on time? If I leave with just the right amount of time planned, I hit a traffic jam and get there twenty minutes late. If I leave twenty minutes early, it's smooth sailing and I get there... twenty minutes early.

Okay, my head's sore now - I need a coffee and I need to start planning what time I should leave to go and collect them - because they hate it when I arrive too early and stand at the back of the party room, smiling my goofy smile at the fun they're having

Saturday, 4 September 2010


I can't believe we've been back two weeks already, my holiday to Brittany feels like months ago. I'm ready for another one! But we had a lovely time with all the family.

Saturday morning early, we caught the ferry across the channel and left the shores of Britian behind

We had the cutest,most gorgeous house in Guidel, right on the coast. It looks a little like a ginger bread house, doesn't it? deceptively small but large enough to fit the whole family in!

We swam... sort of

We ate... A LOT!

We saw the most magnificent fireworks display that reflected and resounded across the bay in a dazzle of senses

We did the cultural thing

We did the fishing thing

And then it was time to go home, with a small detour to check out the postcard-picture-perfect Mont Michel

Of course, we did a whole lot more and made a spectacle of ourselves up and down the French coast line. I raised a few eyebrows asking perfectly nice restauranteers if they have calamari on their menu - I think the French consider calamari the equivalent of bait.

We sent the boys off to a circus for 2 hours and hubby and I enjoyed a picnic for two on the beach - just a small practice run for kife in a few years time when our fold has left the nest. It didn't go too bad, not bad at all :)

So goodbye France, we'll back, maybe a little further south toward Bordeaux and a little closer to the sun!