Saturday, 18 September 2010

Lazerquest, traffic and other things that go bump in my head

So, today was a typical Saturday, kids off to a Lazerquest party, me rushing them into the car and them groaning, "Aw, mum, we've still got a whole hour, we're gonna be way early again."

And we were.

But time and travel make my head go bump. How on earth does anyone ever co-ordinate travel to arrive at a place on time? If I leave with just the right amount of time planned, I hit a traffic jam and get there twenty minutes late. If I leave twenty minutes early, it's smooth sailing and I get there... twenty minutes early.

Okay, my head's sore now - I need a coffee and I need to start planning what time I should leave to go and collect them - because they hate it when I arrive too early and stand at the back of the party room, smiling my goofy smile at the fun they're having

1 comment:

  1. Time judging is a serious problem! So I just leave early and take a book to read. It's less stressful getting there early and reading a few pages of an interesting book, than it is knowing the clock is ticking way past the official time! How you'd keep the kids busy, though, I wouldn't know! :)