Friday, 24 September 2010

When assumptions go awry

I usually keep a keen eye on books coming up that I want to read, and I used to pre-order the print books and stack them on my teetering TBR pile so they were there and ready for when the mood grabbed. Since my Kindle, however, I've gotten lazy... actually, one of the great joys of my kindle is that I don't have to buy in advance, a touch of the button gives me what I want, when I want, when the mood strike.

This week, all that went wrong. I've been eagerly awaiting the release of Mockingjay but didn't see the need to order a copy asap to wait for when I was ready. Last night at about 11pm, I had finished my commitments for the week and it was time to read. Joy oh Joy, at last I was about to find out what happens in the final Hunger Games book!
Mockingjay, for some wierd and not wonderful reason, is not available to Kindle UK readers. Why not? Why, oh why not? I'm prepared to pay hardcover prices, but I was not prepared to have to order print copy and wait 3 days for delivery!
I understand publishers having reservations about ebooks, but if a book is globally available in print, why is it only available in certain countries as an ebook?

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  1. I'm just jealous everytime someone mentions the word Kindle! I held my first one in my hands the other day - my sister & ouswaer were out here from UK & she'd bought him one for his birthday, so he allowed me to reverently touch it. He wasn't so happy about wiping the drool off!! Seriously, though I do think there are kinks in the system that need working out - your experience is one of them.