Sunday, 3 October 2010

After the Sale - Prologue

I've been wanting to do a series of posts on my experience post-sale and post-publication, specifically as a debut author. The leap from aspiring author to published author was both exhilirating and terrifying and I quickly realised that no one's experience is the same. When published authors are afraid to give specifics on what works and what doesn't work, in what path you should follow and what pit falls to avoid, it exactly because of that. There's plenty of wonderful advice out there, but it was quite frustrating to not have a set of easy peasy established rules to follow. Figuring it out as you go makes for many... maybe mistakes is the wrong word, so I'll just say 'things I'll try to do differently next time'.

The editing process, the time wasted, the marketing and review process... Writing I can do, but the rest was a steep learning curve and it's not surprising if I didn't get it right first time. Maybe by my 3,4,5 book I'll start getting the hang of it (if I ever get my next book finished, lol)

I'm no expert and there is some excellent advice out there -- this will just be ramblings of a debut author as she muddled through the murky waters

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  1. Claire, this will be a fascinating series! Can't wait to follow your whole journey (in detail!)and learn from your experience. (so when I'm a debut author I can avoid the things you'd do differently!! :):) )