Wednesday, 15 December 2010

What am I reading this week

Strictly non-fiction this week and next. Right this minute, my heroine is making her way up to Queen Mary's court in Edinburgh, so it's time to freshen up on the facts and detail. Medieval history is often more exciting and fantastical than any fiction one could dream up, a twisted mix of intrigue, assissination plots, scandalous affairs and romance. Unfortunately, the romance seldom ends in happy-ever-after and even more so in the life of Queen Mary. Her great romance ended shortly after the honeymoon period, her husband Henry Darnley murdered by her powerful barons and Mary fleeing across the border to seek help from her cousin, Queen Elizabeth...yeah, that didn't end so well, either.

Of course, my heroine will get her happy-ever-after, but I've a few heart-breaking paces to put her through yet.

Besides a ton of other research, here's what I'm plowing through....

Mary, Queen of Scots by Antonia Fraser
This tomb is over 700 pages and I've already read it front to back twice. Third time's the charm, as they say, although I doubt this will be my last read-through. Mary's world is just so fascinating and Fraser does a superb job of balancing political facts with scrumptous details of Mary as a young, vulnerable woman standing up to her power-hungry barons.

The Castles of Mary, Queen of Scots by Charles Mackie
Haven't started this yet, but hoping for a mind-tour of the various castles Mary either lived in or visited.

Mary, Queen of Scots by Jacob Abbot
Just to balance Mary's story out from another researcher's point of view.

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