Sunday, 30 January 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

This week, my six are from the story I'm currently working on, a new medieval romance. Breghan was raised on threats of Arran Kerr, the Beast of Roxburgh, and in this scene she begins to challenge him with everything she's always believed as fact.

  “’Tis said you roam the bogs at night to prey upon the souls of restless children,” Breghan said daringly.
  “Cross your heart, lass,” he returned,“the priests would have that only God and the devil may lay claim to a soul.”
  She could see by the light in his eyes that he was more amused than angry and gave him back the source of that particular rumour. “The Kerrs fight left-handed because the devil rides heavy on their right shoulder.”
   The gleam slowly faded from his eyes until he was looking at her with dark, mesmerising intensity. "Tell me," he said softly, taking her her hand in his and placing it on his right shoulder, "what does the devil feel like?"

Thursday, 27 January 2011

How much Scots do you want...

filling up that plaid and boots? I'm over at Romancing the Past today chatting about accents and that all-controversial Scottish burr. Come on over and add your opinon

Friday, 21 January 2011

The more you write, the more you write

Which is true about almost everything in life. The more you smile, the more you find something to smile about (and nip those wrinkles in the bud while you're at it). The more you moan and groan, the more disgruntled you become. The more you discover, the more you realise how much is out there still waiting to be discovered.
And when you average 500 words a day, it takes blood and sweat to push that up to 2000 words. But suddenly, it's just as hard to write less.

Yeah, I'm feeling slightly philosophical today :)

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Too dumb for TV

I'm totally hooked on a couple of tv series shows. I love getting invested in the characters and never want to say goodbye. Usually, I wait for the latest season of dvd because it's all so organised and I can never guarentee a spot in front of the tv at a specific time and I hate missing an episode in a series. But since we got our super duper sky+ box and record a series at the click of a button and save to watch at my leisure, I got a little excited - no  more would I be a year behind in all my series.

The sky+ part is simple, figuring out the tv schedules requires a diploma not yet invented. What's up with a season stopping halfway... I've been stalking this one for weeks, but who knows when the rest will finally air.

And then there's the series where season #1 catch-up runs alongside season #3... all very well, I'm recording and stocking up for a future marathon, but both season #1 and #3 ends and they never get around to season #2 ???

And my favourite, the episodes listed in the schedule with no season or episode number, this is like tv russial roulette.

So, either I'm too dumb for tv and should go back to dvds or there's a really big secret to this thing that no one's sharing (:

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Fun with my WIP

Here's the word cloud (thanks to of the medieval scottish romance I'm currently working on. It's almost done, so the word collection is fairly indictive of the entire story. No points for guessing the names of my main characters, but if you can connect the dots and deduce any spoiler material, I'd be most impressed, lol.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Smiles to jumpstart my new year

Just done a weekend birthday sleepover for my twins (HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY, BOYS!!!) and survived on 0 hrs sleep last night. How I miss those days of my youth when sleep was an optional extra instead of a necessity.

As a (relatively) new author, I still get goofy about every small thing that comes along with my debut book and here's a few I found when I got around to surfing after the holidays...

(A) Heh, Betrayed finally made it onto the Carina Press popularity list (at #2) I had to cut and paste quickly before it slipped right off, lol. They say that the internet is forever, so here it is for the sake of prosperity

(B) I'm listed as an author at Fantastic Fiction. This is my one-stop goto site when looking for an author's backlist, etc, because they do an excellent job of organising series, etc and often more up to date than the author's webpage. So I'm really chuffed they found and added me!

(C) A great new review of Betrayed from The Bookish Snob who was *Totally Smitten* I loved that she just got it, the story, the characters, the emotion.

I think this is gonna be a smiley year :)

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

HELLO 2011

Wishing everyone a great 2011, I can't believe we're into the second decade already. We celebrated the new year in Lanzerote with family and sun, lots of sun, and returned last night to minus degrees. I mean, the iced snow is still piled up in the Gatwick parking lots! I do have a soft golden glow on my skin, however, as a reminder that last week wasn't just a dream, lol.

Lanzerote is a volcano island and the scenery there is mesmerising. In places, the lanscape is black lunar from the churned up earth as the lava flowed down to the sea. The ash dunes are golden red and one could easily imagine you were walking on Mars. More than a few jokes passed between us about where Rover really went :)

Here's a few pics of my holiday season progress...