Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Too dumb for TV

I'm totally hooked on a couple of tv series shows. I love getting invested in the characters and never want to say goodbye. Usually, I wait for the latest season of dvd because it's all so organised and I can never guarentee a spot in front of the tv at a specific time and I hate missing an episode in a series. But since we got our super duper sky+ box and record a series at the click of a button and save to watch at my leisure, I got a little excited - no  more would I be a year behind in all my series.

The sky+ part is simple, figuring out the tv schedules requires a diploma not yet invented. What's up with a season stopping halfway... I've been stalking this one for weeks, but who knows when the rest will finally air.

And then there's the series where season #1 catch-up runs alongside season #3... all very well, I'm recording and stocking up for a future marathon, but both season #1 and #3 ends and they never get around to season #2 ???

And my favourite, the episodes listed in the schedule with no season or episode number, this is like tv russial roulette.

So, either I'm too dumb for tv and should go back to dvds or there's a really big secret to this thing that no one's sharing (:

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