Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Digital Dice

Another big digital conference, Tools of Change, is buzzing all over the web this week. It hasn't been long since the big houses came fully (some more than others) on the digital train, but it does seem that finally the consensus is that digital is at least part (some reckon 50% by 2014) of the publishing future.

With everything moving so quickly, with all the consensus from publishers and authors and the entire spectrum of publishing and digital experts, I don't really understand why we, the readers, still slam into so many walls when all we want is to read our favourite author.

I've had my ereader for just under a year now and there's no going back. I love the immediate access, I love being able to carry a hundred books with me in my bag and my entire family loved me a little extra the day I carted off my shedload of books to the charity shop and gave them back their house. So, maybe I've become a little obsessive, but I need a very good reason to buy a paperback print book instead of the ebook version and even then, probably not going to happen.

There are a couple of books I've had my eye on for a few months. These books are available in paperback here in the UK, they're available in paperback and ebook in USA. I've been waiting diligently for the ebook version to become available in the UK, I refuse to buy the paperbook and I'm not going to change my mind. I have now removed those books from my wish list and I'm feeling a little iffy about those authors and publishing houses right now, regardless of where the hold-up is and whose fault it is.

As a reader, I'm no longer interested in where the fault lies. Publisher, author and agent, get talking to each other and sort this out. You are losing readers.

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  1. Yes I agree 100%! Because of lack of storage I had to send many of my old favourites to the charity shop. Now with my kindle I can store as many as I want an eagerly rushed to but as many old books as coudl find. Most are not yet available as e-books and many of those that are available are not shippable to South Africa. Grrrr. Why oh why are we not getting access? Hurry up and sort it out publshers and writers - you're losing buyers!
    Judy (South Africa)