Thursday, 24 March 2011

How to not make a sale

Dear Mr Salesman,

You phoned to sell me a maintenance/insurance plan on a satellite box I purchased from your company. You kept me on the phone for 10 minutes, not allowing me to get a word in. And I'm polite, so I listened in silence, listened to you telling me how badly I need to take insurance out against the product your company sold me, how likely it is that the product will break down in the next year, how expensive it will be to replace ( I know, I already spent a fortune buying it in the first place), how unaffordable your call-out fees are to get a technician in to fix it when it breaks down.

At the end, I  said I'd need to think about, need to speak to my husband about it. A tip, this is where you might have offered to send a brochure on more information, perhaps offered to call me back in a few days. Instead, this is what you did, you said, "Okay, I'll sign you up and send you the start-up pack. Don't worry, you won't start paying until the end of the month, and if you don't want it, just send us a letter to cancel before the end of the month."

You know what? I no longer need to think about it. I don't appreciate having to make the effort to write a cancellation letter, sign it, spend the money on a stamp to post it, just because you think a sale is forcing a product on someone and then leaving the onus on them to go to the effort of cancelling it because no, they never said they wanted it to begin with.

Now, I'm staring at my satellite box, wondering why I spent so much money on what, you've told me, is such a crappy product.

Yours Sincerely,
Not Impressed


  1. Oh yes! There is nothing worse than an aggressive salesperson. I had one fone me from MTN the other day, wanting me to collect me "free phone" Hahahaha! Finally (after a very frustrating half-an-hour) I got her to admit that, wel, yes, it will cost me a contract fee of R179 per month for my "free phone." I won't tell you how that conversation ended...

    I hope your statellite box is a whole lot better than your salesman made out!

    Judy (South Africa)

  2. Ha ha. Very well written post, and (sadly) I know this is all true.

  3. Judy, those are the worst, where they try to convince you you're getting something for free. aargh

    Thanks Domey, we've all experienced this over and over so many times. What worries me is the number of people who fall beneath their aggressive antics - because if no one was falling, they wouldn't still be doing it