Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Immortal Teenagers

Kids back at school today and hubby travelling this week, so from full to empty house in the space of a heartbeat feels kind of *ghosty* Guess this means I can actually get some writing done again.

Meanwhile, I've just finished reading a book that had me up all night thinking about the Immortal Teenager (as the main protaganist) and whether this is a viable character. If the book is aimed at YA, then this teenager has to talk, walk, think and act like a teenager - but surely even if you look like an 18 year old, after hundreds of years of living you're not going to still be thinking and acting like a teenager! If you've been married, had kids, survived wars, married again, lived through famine, more kids, etc are you really going to pout and scuff your feet as you slump off in a huff when you don't get your way?

The book I just finished did not get this right, but as I said, I don't think it's possible to actually get this right - a lot of belief must be suspended in order to enjoy this kind of book. Pity, though, because I love the idea of the Immortal Teenager as a main character in a book.

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