Monday, 4 April 2011

The Old, the Bad and the Useful

This weekend, I was going through my archive of written books, chapters and scenes that never quite made it into the submission world and, in some cases, never made it past a couple of scenes. I was looking for a specific ballroom scene I knew I'd written and was wondering if I could use in my current wip.

What I came across was the first three chapters of a medieval scottish, written many, many years ago that was just so... bad. I can't even use the excuse that my voice has changed, matured beyond comfortable recognistion, etc this was just plain bad writing. To be kind, I'll consider it a learning experience that has led to better things. I must admit that I did read over it with a kind of fond, if cringing, nostalgia... imagine your thirtish something self going glancing over photos of your akward, teenage self :)

I did find my ballroom scene and something extra - that scene had two side characters I'd completely forgotten about and I have the perfect opening for their grand debut in my wip. I love this kind of find, the discovery that even back then when I was honing my craft and learning the ins and outs of writing and publishing, my imagination could still dream up a delightful character or two and place them in a horrid dilemma.


  1. Just proves that there's no such thing as wasted writing! Good analogy about a 30-something self cringing at the awkward teenage self. I look at some of the writing I was so proud of 10 years ago and it's so bad, even cringing is too good for it!!

    Your new WIP sounds tantalising. Please tell me it's scottish medieval no 3 in the pipeline??
    Judy (South Africa)

  2. lol, not really. I'm floundering around a bit, trying a bit of this and that and hoping to find something to settle down to

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