Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Portugal, Alphas and A Case of The Smarts

Yonks ago, when streets were still wide enough for carriages and people actually used carriages, before the invention of the NetBook, I bought meself an AlphaSmart. Never heard of it? Here you are...

Yes! A floating keyboard! This thing runs for a year on a set of AA batteries and is so robust, you could throw it in the pool and it would probably learn to swim (don't try this at home, folks)

My poor alphasmart got discarded when I bought my NetBook (almost as many yonks ago) BUT last week the battery of my NetBook died and who knew? You cannot buy replacement batteries at any physical store, you have to get it online and await delivery.

With summer in the air, I love writing in randon places, under the apple tree, lying on the trampoline, you know how it goes. So, caught without a battery, I went to the garage and dug out my alphasmart from a box in a dark, dusty corner. Switched in on and, after 2 years, the thing switched on 2 bars of battery life and zooming to go. Aah, I'd really forgotten how much I love this little writer's tool.

Here's the reasons I'm going back to writing first drafts on my alphasmart (not good for editing, though)

(a) Only four lines of text shows up. I am a compulsive editor, I write two new lines and go back to edit the last 10 lines. The alphasmart forces one to just press on ahead in draft mode because it's practically impossible to do any decent editing on the small display

(b) No internet connection. No distractions.

(c) So robust, we're leaving for Portugal this week and my alphasmart just gets tossed into the suitcase without second thought.

(d) Battery life.... just goes on and on and on... love it!!!

And on that note, we're off to Portugal until the end of the month. Everyone have a great time here and I'll see you when I get back with some piccies to share

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  1. My alpha smart is languishing in the bottom of a kist! Because I prefer writing by hand, I didn't use it as much as I thought I would, but it is very robust.

    Enjoy Portugal! Have a great break and looking forward to those pics!

    Judy (South Africa)