Thursday, 16 June 2011

Authors are responsible to their readers...

...and not the other way round.

This is a controversial topic with regards to some issues, but I'm firmly glued to my seat on this one. Authors truly appreciate (and some of us desperately rely) on the wonderful way readers spread the word, but it is not the reader's responsibility to help us build and establish our careers.

I would never imply that an author should sell their soul with their book, but yes, I do believe that when a reader buys a book (and in some cases, many books) in a series, they're also buying into the promise of a satisfactory ending at some point and a reasonable expectation of the author finishing the series. The same can be said for TV series, but that's another topic all together.

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  1. Claire is there some debate going on around this? Must have missed it. The topic of author responsibility vs reader responsibility is one of my soapboxes (remember my post The Prerogative of the Harlot?)but I agree with you that it is 100% the author's responsibility to build our own careers AND an author has a 120% responsibility towards her readers to fulfill the implicit promise made to readers in writing a book: to provide the reader with the best value-for-money possible when they read the story.
    Judy, South Africa