Tuesday, 12 July 2011

To Dream a Little Dream...

Ever dreamt about seeing your book turned into a movie? Well, I haven't given it much thought, I reckon I've got a far way to go. Or at least, not consciously. But apparently my subconscious mind's been having a field day with it.
Last night I had such a vivid dream... I turned on the telly and there was the trailer to one of my upcoming books (hasn't even been released yet, lol). The trailer opened with my book cover (which I haven't got a clue about yet) but apparently some hidden part of me thinks it's going to be green. The entire cover. Different shades of pale green. Because my heroine is running out of a tunnel, the green lights from the tunnel behind her, carrying her shoes in her hands and looking ever so slightly bedraggled.

And this isn't your normal movie trailer with scene flashes, it was more like a partial, starting at the beginning and playing for the first couple of chapters. Helen Mirren was in it, laughing her head off about something, and my heroine was Jennifer Lopez for some wierd reason. And after a few minutes, the story veered off into something like a scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding which has absolutely nothing to do with my book. And then my dream went to bits with everyone in the tv room suddenly talking at the top of their voices and me going into an endless loop of yelling at them to keep quite and rewinding so I could watch, repeat, repeat, repeat, wake up!

Hmm, bet a therapist would have a field day with this...


  1. Claire this is a marvellously rich dream. Green, of course, is the colour of healing, a tunnel can represent the birth canal, a path or an ordeal that must be gone through, a light in a tunnel suggests that your "birth" process is nearing an end or is being illuminated in some way, shoes usually represent grounding in reality - your heroine had her shoes in her hand and looked bedraggled...putting this all together (and adding into very successful creative people, both women), could this dream simply be an adjustment to your new reality as a published author? Perhaps your unconscious is simply grounding itself in the knowledge that your hard and long "birth" as an aspiring author is coming to an end, as you are now An Author.

    Although what the scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding adds to the mix, I wouldn't even try to guess!!!!! :):)

    Judy, South Africa

  2. Thanks for that analysis Judy, sounds all good to me. Could very well be, especially as I dreamt of my next book which is releasing soon and, to me, is another huge step in my published career ie I'm not just a one-book-wonder.

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