Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Pre-Launch Party! Fun! Giveaway!

Second-Guessing Fate releases on Monday and I've decided it's not too early to start celebrating with some giveaways. Let's party!!

I'm giving away 3 party bags:

1) Second-Guessing Fate eBook + $20 (or £20 if in UK) Amazon gift voucher so you can splash out on your favourite authors.

2) Second-Guessing Fate eBook + $15 (or £15 if in UK) Amazon gift voucher.

3) Second-Guessing Fate eBook

Can She Outwit Fate? 

Gemma is on a collision course with heartbreak. At least, according to the fortune-teller her best friend drags her to see. Gemma doesn't believe a word of it, but when other predictions start to come true, she begins to suspect that gorgeous, gray-eyed Nick is the man foretold to break her heart before she can find her soul mate. Too bad she's never met a man she's wanted more, because now she has to get him to dump her before she falls too hard.  Read more...

Party Games:
What's your favorite theme/trope in romance? eg Reunited lovers
Tall, Dark and Dangerous OR Blue-eyed Boy Nextdoor? Or something else entirely?
Truth and Dare: d. Think back to your first ever hand-holding boyfriend without giggling hysterically.
t. Who dumped who and can you remember why?

The giveway will be open until Saturday 24th morning (GMT) when winners will be announced. To participate, please just leave a comment (you don't have to play along with the party games) and don't forget to check back on Saturday to see if you've won - it's not always possible to track you down through your profile


  1. Have a GREAT party! Don't enter me in the draw but I thought I'd party along with you anyway:

    Favourite Themes: ANYTHING except the endless baby/pregnancy themes! I especially love it when an alpha male plans a nasty revenge...only to be thwarted by love!

    Hero - absolutely tall dark and dangerous!!

    Truth & Dare: Yes, I dumped the sweetest guy once. He was a widow with two young kids (very sweet little girls) and was from a strictly conservative church. For our second date he arrived with an engagement ring. It was also our last date.

    Judy, South Africa

  2. Hurrah, party time! And your prize represents excellent value for those of us in the UK, so how could I resist? ;)

    I have so many favourite tropes I couldn't even begin to list them. I think Marriage of Convenience is my absolute number one, though. With an almost-irredeemable-but-not-quite hero.

    Have a great party and good luck with your release!

  3. I'll play - FABULOUS games!!

    I LOVE reunited lovers story - definitely my favourite.

    And I dumped one boy that I wished I didn't for a very long time after :(

    Congrats on your release. Can't wait to read it!

  4. Welcome to all my first guests *handing around glasses of champagne*

    Judy, engagement ring on the second date? oh my word, he must have had a crush on you for a long time before working up the courage to ask you out. Poor guy, but he really should have known better!

    Racheal, aah, the one you wish you hadn't sent away, I'd forgotten about those :)

  5. It's TDD for me too. Make him a tortured hero and I'll love him even more. ;)

    I already failed at the dare so it's truth for me. I dumped him because someone better came along. I'm a bad girl aren't I? ;)

    Congratulations on your new book. I look forward to reading it.

  6. Hi Kiru, thanks for stopping by. Nothing wrong with moving on for a more gorgeous hunk, lol, bad girls have all the fun

  7. Fave theme? Why, relentless pursuit by alpha male to posess heroine, of course! And he must be tall, dark, LETHAL, and have blue eyes.
    Now, jokes aside, truth: I feel terrible about Tony, my first hand-holding boyfriend. His mom had died and - eventually, as nicely as I could - I dumped him. He was terribly needy and I just couldn't hack it. I wasn't mature enough to handle all that. But I broke his heart and hurt him. Aaaaargh! I still feel terrible when I remember it. However, i bet he's forgotten me, and that's a good thing.

  8. I would prefer the tall, dark, and dangerous.

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  9. Oh my--my first comment didn't come out :) My first real boyfriend was at uni and I think we dumped each other. If you get this twice I am so sorry! Congrats on your newest release!

  10. Is tall, dark and handsome winning the race?

    Gina, your story sounds heartbreaking, it must have been so difficult.

  11. Oh, I so want to be entered! Gonna read your book one way or the other!
    Favorite trope: redemption! Have a great launch party!

  12. I love lots of tropes but Marriage of Convenience, I think.

    He was called Colin and I dumped him even though he was gorgeous because he had nothing to say for himself and slobbered when he kissed. Such a shame. So handsome.

  13. Thank you so much, Barbara :

    Joanna, slobbering will do it, lol

    Redemption is an interesting trope, not often seen (in romance, anyway)

    My all time favourite trope is friend to lovers. Love this is reading and in movies. Interesting, though, I've never written a story with this theme... must think about that

  14. Ooh. Good questions :) and happy launch party!

    Favourite trope: older guy/younger girl, whether it's boss/employee, teacher/student etc (ahem :P).

    As for the boyfriend: I dumped him. It was awful. I felt smothered and weird. He was my best friend all through primary school too. Fortunately, I hear he's now very happy with his boyfriend(!).

  15. Hi Claire! What a fun post. Let's see, I love enemies turned lovers...but then as I'm writing this, I'm thinking, no, reunion stories; no, friends to lovers. lol I just love HEA!

    And the hand holding thing...neither of us broke up with the other, it just kinda...fizzled. Boring, I know, but we were 11. ; )

  16. Lucy, I have an ex story like that lurking in my past as well, lol

    Shawna, the good news is you don't have to choose just one!!

  17. OK arriving late but have my party shoes on!

    Love the hero who has to grovel his way back into my ermmm her good graces after a humongous faux-pas! Mr Darcy all the way for me so yes tall, dark and handsome wins.

    Hmmm the first boy I dumped, Juan-David, at age 9 because someone taller came along! LOL! The Colombians are not the tallest race!

  18. Congrats on your book launch. Hope you have an amazing day.

  19. Amanda, ROLF at someone taller coming along... luckily we're allowed to be as shallow as we like on this blog

    Thanks Rosalind :)

  20. Yeah for the book launch! I love the idea of party games. I HATE playing them at parties (i.e. baby or wedding showers), but am set for this one!
    FAvorite Theme: time travel. I apparently like the ones that involve Scotland or Ireland, but there was one that took the heroine back to France, I believe (there was a twist involving antihisimine tablets - wish I could remember the title of that book!!!!)
    I'd have to go with something else entirely . . . The nerdy boy always wins my heart at the end (Have you read any of "The Nerd Who . . ." series?) I married my nerd, so I am confident in my answer. :)
    as for truth or dare. . . I can not giggle, but I certainly can't not blush!

  21. I'm a sucker for gallantry. Think Prince Charmant and Ella in Ella Enchanted and Wolf in 10th Kingdom. Fabulous!

    Wonderful prizes. I'm enjoying the party :O)

  22. Loving everyone's responses here :)

    And here's my first break-up story... I think I was about 10 years. Every day at school, he'd trade me his slice of chocolate cake (his mother was a glorious baker) for my dry wheat provita style biscuit (now, I can appreciate my mom's health fanatasism, back then? Not so much)
    Anyway, I think it was love at first bite.
    Then, he moved away. So no dumping involved (unless he begged his parents to move, lol) but I was absolutely devastated. Thinking back, however, I think I was more heartbroken over losing the chocolate cake than losing him!

  23. Awesome party! Congrats on your book! Sounds very good! Its definitely going to be a winner! :) I love tall, dark and dangerous (bad boys). I have a bunch of favorite tropes. Ive always had a fondness for the boss/employee books and the friend falling in love with their best friends brother/sister. (hope that makes sense) lol Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! Very sweet of you! I look forward to reading your book!

  24. What a fun Idea for a party. Reunited lovers for me, off coutse of course I am a sucker for a good romance of any kind.

  25. Hi, Claire! Congrats on your release of Second Guessing Fate and your fun launch party that I am late to. Your excerpt for your book sounds like a must read.

    I don't really have a special trope. I love them all as long as the hero is tall, dark, and dangerous, and there is an HEA.

    My first hand-holding boyfriend that I never dated worked at a soda fountain and joined the marines. We kept in touch for a while, and I guess you could say that I was the one who quit writing when he changed. When I knew him he was quiet, sensitive, and very nice and as a marine, he turned into a wild party animal total jerk. I found out right before I quit writing him that he didn't really want to be in the service, but if he had to be, he wanted to be able to brag that he was a big, bad marine. I was what everyone called Little Miss Goody Two-Shoes at the time. Lol!

  26. I've always liked stories that involve mistaken identity.
    The blue-eyed boy next door would be my pick.
    I was about 12 or 13. He dumped someone else for me and then dumped me for someone else! lol
    Thank you for such a great giveaway!
    mittens0831 at aol dot com

  27. Cathy P, pity when the good guys evolve into jerks, but hopefully he did some good in the marines no matter his attitude.

    Yah, Carol M, we have a vote the cute boy next-door. When it comes to historical, I like my guy brooding and alpha but for contemporaries I like to mix it up a bit with my reading and love a sweet guy

  28. Thank you to everyone who joined in, your stories were fun and it's lovely to get an idea of what everyone loves in their romance reading.
    The party is now over and the party bags will be handed out shortly.