Saturday, 14 April 2012

A Conversation I never imagined

having with any adult, let alone my husband.

So, we've just had a lovely, sunny week in Spain. The thing is, neither the hubby nor I are particularly good at foreign languages. Our Spanish extends to "Halo" and "Gracie"

Having decided on a barbeque at our villa, the hubby dutifully went off to the supermarket to procure lamb chops and chicken breasts (for our kebabs). He returned with chops that looked supiciously like slabs of steak

Me: You're sure this is lamb?
Him, nodding: I went "moo, moo" to the man at the meat counter
Me: Lambs go "baa, baa" (with the wavering baaaa sound) Cows go "moo, moo"
Him, frowning: I didn't want to go "moo, moo", didn't want him to think I meant pigs (we don't eat pork)
Me: Pigs go "oink, oink"

At this point, we both eye the chicken breasts suspiciously

Me: Okay, just tell me
Him: "quack,quack"
Me, shaking head: I'm sure it will taste almost the same

We had an interesting barbeque. My husband might have a Masters degree, but I think he failed nursery school