Sunday, 11 November 2012

SkyFall: Return of the "Real" James Bond

The plot from the last James Bond is still a blur in my head, I never understood it and I barely recall it. Too complex and perhaps too clever for me. Yes, we still had all the action and the gorgeous Daniel Craig, but the James Bond *sparkle* was missing for me.

Bring in SkyFall and Hello! to James Bond. You came back to us.

We have the egomaniac villain with one very simple goal, not quite world domination but hey, it worked for me.
We have giant man-eating reptiles in a pit
We have James Bond spreading his charms across no less than three beautiful women. He's also had a life-changing experience and loosened up a bit without losing any of the mysterious brooding you just gotta love.
The gadgets were missing ("We don't do exploding pens anymore") but Q is a cute, geeky Tech-Whizz-Kid who makes up for this in leaps and bounds.

And I was particularly tickled by how far we'd regressed into the past by the ending...

Spoiler Alert (highlight text below to read)
Out with the glass and chrome offices and in with the wood-paneled library-style male domain office.
Out with the female M and in with a very interesting Irish rebel male M
Out with the male assistant and in with the sexy Miss Moneypenny who has already fallen foul to James Bond's charms.

Yeah, not very politically correct, but come on folks! This is James Bond!


  1. I simply can't WAIT to see this James Bond! Okay I confess anything will Danial Craig in I'll sit and drool but really he IS James Bond just as Fleming wrote him (except for the blonde hair, but who wants to quibble over a small detail like that!! ) ?)

  2. Danny boy is gorgeous :) You're in for a real old fashioned James Bond treat

  3. So glad to hear "SkyFall" is a return of THE James Bond, particularly as I'm going to see it today. I haven't enjoyed any of the "new era" films. Hopefully, this will change all that.

  4. C D exactly my feelings!!! think you will love Skyfall


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