Saturday, 13 April 2013

Saturday Snippet

Writing, writing, writing my next book from Corkscrew Bay, Falling for Alexander. Here's a teensy snippet

    Kate punched in the code to redirect the call to her phone and answered. “Corkscrew Weekly, good morning.”

    “Morning.” The gravel baritone rumbled over those two syllables and down her spine to curl into her toes. “I’d like to speak to the senior editor, please.”
     Kate blew out a long, shallow breath.

    There was a sexy voice, and then there was sin. That voice belonged on a face with chiselled cheekbones and a hollowed jaw. On a tanned body rippled in lean muscle. Designer suits and Armani sunglasses. Dark brown hair mussed with a careless hand and sliding into the turn of a collar.

    “Hello?” came the voice again, traced with accents of Italian.

    “Um, speaking,” she said, fanning hot cheeks with her free hand. If Megan were here, she’d put this guy on speakerphone. “This is the senior editor.”

    “Excellent. Then you’re responsible for approving that piece on the front page of the paper today.”

    Her mind snapped to attention and her toes uncurled. For writing it. Approving it. Proofing it. “Whom I speaking to?”

   “Alexander Gerardo, as your reporter so kindly announced to the whole damn world,” he said. “I don’t expect you to recall the paper or retract that article, but I’d like to make myself clear, Ms…?”

    “Kate Hadley,” she drew out in a cautious tone.

   A static pause took up the next couple of seconds.Was he writing down her name? What for?

    This wasn’t The Godfather, she reminded herself, even if the mysterious Alexander Gerardo had a thick Italian accent to match the name. God, and she’d thought his voice sinfully hot.

    To be honest, she still did, but now she was far less interested in fantasizing about the kind of face and body that went with that voice.

    “Ms. Hadley, let me make myself clear,” he continued. “I don’t interfere with anyone else’s life and I’d appreciate the favour returned.”

    She arched a brow at the wall opposite. “You should have thought of that before you bought our national heritage and shut it down.”

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