Thursday, 3 April 2014

Dark Matters Cover Reveal

A Matter of Desire and Dirigibles (Dark Matters 3)
coming soon...

Lily is losing a battle with both the demons and her temporary husband. A King of Hell continues to elude her demon glass and as for Kelan McAllister, he seems set to invade the rest of her. Which wouldn't neccessarily be a problem, except she's banished his sole demonic source and it would appear she's broken his household.
She's always likened Kelan to an avenging angel, and now she has to deal with all that wrath as well as his intoxicating, dark beauty.

A demon in the hand is worth two in hell

Plans are being hatched in the alleys of London's dank and dismal underbelly. Lesser demons are two-a-penny and stirring mischief and mayhem on an international scale. Lily wants to banish on sight and her husband, naturally, is quite prepared to let the demons run amok and show their hand. But by the time  they catch whiff of the master plan, it may already be too late to stop the approaching storm.

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  1. It’s always good to see new novels. If I do get some time, I will surely give this novel a try if I find this anywhere.