Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Introducing new series: Shades of Dark

I'm very excited to announce my new Urban Fiction Romance Series. I'm doing something different, releasing the first book, Where Dark Collides, as a three part serial.

Part One is now available and the next two installments will be released about three to four weeks apart. I hope you enjoy the format. If not? Please let me know :)

In this world, there has always been dark and light. But dark isn’t all evil, and light isn’t all good. I know that now. In order to survive, in order to do what must be done, I must find some place along that seam, a place where dark collides with light. I must find the shade of dark I can live with.

Raine Shelle has lived and breathed vengeance for the last three years. She’s sworn off frivolity and fun, men and love. Even when the darkly beautiful, dangerously mysterious Roman La Mar falls into her life, even as the path she’s chosen starts to look a lot like sacrifice, her commitment remains resolute. But suddenly ancient curses are being lifted, tremors of the ageless war surface, and her best friend seems to have attracted the enemy like a grim reaper snapping at her heels.

Raine will do anything to save those she loves. She’ll do anything to harden her heart against a man she can never have.

She thought she was prepared for anything and everything. But how does one prepare for a journey that will take you to the brink of heartbreak and to the deepest, darkest gates of Hades.