Cozy Mystery

Maddox Storm Mystery Series

Call it revenge, or call it poetic justice, but investing her cheating soon-to-be-ex husband’s savings in her home town’s founding  inn seemed like the perfect plan to Maddox Storm...

Book 1
All Maddox Storm wanted was to come home to Silver Firs and lie low while her divorce goes through. And maybe get a little sweet (totally innocent) revenge. 
But everything goes out the window when she finds her arch-nemesis dead as a doormat in the kitchen downstairs. Before she knows it, she’s embroiled in a murder investigation and tangling with the smoky-eyed detective on the case. Not that she doesn’t trust him to do his job, but he may not be quite as motivated as she is to bring the guilty party to justice. After all, she’s the one who unwittingly incriminated upstanding townsfolk and worse, she may be living under the same roof as a pair of unlikely murderers. 

What readers are saying: 
"Murder, mystery, suspense and an absolutely hilarious main character in Maddox..." 
"I was on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen" 
"...a must-read for fans of the cozy mystery genre" 

Book 2
Once again Maddox Storm finds herself at the center of a murder, and not the one she artfully arranged. 

Desperate to turn Hollow House’s newfound dark fame into a money-making machine, Maddox hosts her first murder mystery weekend. But what starts out as a surprising success is bludgeoned by the all too real death of one of her guests. And worse, now they’re refusing to leave. They came to solve a murder mystery and by gosh, that’s exactly what they intend to do. 
Events quickly spiral out of control and before Maddox can say whodunit, she’s sharing a house with her soon-to-be-ex husband, the smoky-eyed Detective Nathanial Bishop, a litter of Sherlock Holmes wannabes and a cold-blooded killer. 
There’s only one thing to do, really. Roll her sleeves up and solve the murder before the lot of them drive her off the deep end.

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Book 3
Maddox finally has her life sorted. She’s happily settled in to hibernate, when a murder rudely interrupts her winter bliss.
It seems a copycat serial killer may be using her ex-husband’s latest thriller as a guide to murder. She’s not convinced, but Joe is paranoid and determined to stop the next kill.
What kind of ex-wife would she be if she didn’t step in to help?
A road trip with her ex-husband and the sinfully hot Detective Bishop?
A psycho serial killer.
What could possibly go wrong? 

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